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Our Beef

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Beef Fillet  code B1
 Traditionally matured for extra taste
 and tenderness. 
 pack of 2 [min. weight 340g] £12


Sirloin  code B2
 A classic steak tender and full of
 pack of 2 [min. weight 454g] £9.50


Rump Steak  code B3
A firm texture and flavoursome steak.
  pack of 2 [min. weight 454g] £7


T-bone Steak code B5
  A fillet and a sirloin together on the
  pack of 2 [min. weight 908g] £16


Ribeye Steak code B4
The marbling of fat in ribeye give this
steak its distinctive flavour.
 pack of 2 [min. weight 567g] £12


Tenderised Steak code B6

 A lean steak taken from the shoulder muscle and tenderised. great for bbq's and sandwiches.
 pack of 4 [min. weight 681g] £7


Diced Beef code B7
  Very lean, ideal for stews and
  pack [min.weight 454g] £4


Steak Mince code B10
  Very lean minced beef.
  pack [min. weight 454g] £4

Chuck Steak code B8
  Ideal for braising.
  pack [min. weight 454g] £4


Steak Burgers  code B16
 A 6oz/170g beef burger with
 pack of 4 [min. weight 680g] £5
order 2 packs and get 
10 burgers for £10

Shin of Beef code B9
  Cook slow for beautiful thick gravy
  and a rich full flavour.
  pack [min. weight 454g] £4


Topside  code B12
  Matured joint for a traditional roast.
  joint [min. weight 1.36kg] £17


Silverside   codeB13
 Matured joint for a traditional roast.
 joint [min. weight 1.36kg] £17


Rib of Beef   code B14
 A full flavour on the bone joint. When
 meat is matured on the bone
 enzymes are released which tenderise
 and infuse the meat with flavour. We
 only leave the flat ribs attached so
 that carving is easy.
 joint [min. weight 2kg] £28


Brisket  code B15
 Boned and rolled. cooked slow in
 stock, brisket is wonderfully tender.
 joint [min. weight 1.36kg] £13


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